Accelerate Program

The Robotics Factory Accelerate Program invests in early-stage robotics startups based in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We will be accepting applications for our second cohort between January 15th-February 29th, 2024.

Program Description

In the first half of our program, we lay the groundwork to achieve your goals. The Robotics Factory Accelerate Program is a six-month robotics-focused startup accelerator, offering companies up to $100,000 and customized business programming, for just 1% equity.

Program Features

  • 1:1 Mentorship with seasonedstartup leaders via the Pittsburgh Robotics Network

  • 12 months of office space at the Robotics Factory in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh with access to an expansive prototyping workshop and robotics testing shop

  • Product development resources including manufacturing bootcamp, product design reviews, and manufacturing toolkit templates, one-on-one manufacturing office hours

  • 1:1 Business coaching with the Innovation Works program team to help you achieve your specific milestones, with little/no “mandatory” programming

Current Companies

Aquatonomy creates underwater intelligence using autonomous robots.
Cell X Technologies is revolutionizing stem cell processing by using a combination of robotics, imaging, and artificial intelligence.
Grasp Robotics has developed robotic muscles with human-like strength and capabilities for advanced prosthetics.
Leaficient uses computer vision and AI to revolutionize horticultural lighting within indoor farms.
Velo AI is building the world’s smartest bicycle safety platform.
Voaige is building AI vision software with physical intuition to address labor shortage across industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be located in SWPA?

Yes, we expect each startup to have a significant presence in SWPA for the duration of the program and for five years following the program.

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How do you define “robotics” as far as the companies you accept into the accelerator?

We define robotics as a technology that will “sense, perceive, act”. Please tell us more about your product if you are unsure if you meet that definition.

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Do I need to have customers to be accepted into the accelerator?

No, your company can be pre-revenue, but we expect that a company has completed customer discovery and is actively listening to the needs of potential customers.

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When is the 2024 cohort happening?

The 2024 cohort will take place from June-December 2024, and we will accept 5-6 companies in the program. The application will be open on January 15th and stay open until February 29th, 2024.

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