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Scale Program

The Scale Program empowers entrepreneurs and manufacturers alike by providing hands-on support, unlocking access to cutting-edge tools, grant funding, rapid prototyping, and educational resources.

Join the Scale Residency Program to receive one year of access to the Robotics Factory and its amenities:

Advanced prototyping equipment, tooling, and materials including water jets, laser cutters, CNC Machines, and 3D printers
RF-Scale Staff for training and prototyping support
Robots, space, and sensors necessary for prototyping and testing concepts
Flexible desk and assembly space
A Vibrant community of startups, mentors, corporates, and manufacturers
Conference rooms, kitchens, wifi, coffee
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Selection Criteria


Will you be working on a project that advances an entrepreneurial robotics concept?

Relevant Experience

You don’t need to be a trained, degreed, roboticist, but the successful applicant must have some familiarity with the robotics industry and a demonstrated willingness and ability to learn.


Will you be an active, positive member of the community? Do you have unique resources (experience, ideas, skills, connections, etc.)? Are you willing to share these resources for the benefit of the Robotics Factory Community?


Of thought, background, ambitions, and experience. True creativity happens when different perspectives meet. This metric ensures balance in the Robotics Factory Community.


Do you have a good idea that might turn into a company, help a company grow, or be an interesting opportunity for our funding/programs or that of our partners?

Scale Info Residency Info Session

funding support for hardware Products


Our programs help manufacturers make right-fit connections and plan for the future by sharing technology-related capital costs.

Hardware Entrepreneurs

Get support in design for manufacturability, find the right manufacturer, grow your supply chain, and scale production while cutting costs.

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