The Scale Program empowers entrepreneurs and manufacturers alike by providing hands-on support, unlocking access to cutting-edge tools, grant funding, rapid prototyping, and educational resources.

Need Help Building Your Project?

Join the Scale Residency Program to receive one year of access to the Robotics Factory and its amenities:

  • Advanced prototyping equipment, tooling, and materials including a water jet, laser cutter, and CNC Machine

  • RF-Scale Staff for training and prototyping support

  • Robots, space, and sensors necessary for prototyping and testing concepts

  • Flexibile desk and assembly space

  • A Vibrant community of startups, mentors, corporates, and manufacturers

  • Conference rooms, kitchens, wifi, coffee

Selection Criteria

Application Deadline is October 6, 2023

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About Scalable

The Scalable Innovation Program strives to make southwestern PA the best place in the world to start a hardware company. We do so by educating and advising early-stage hardware companies on best practices for prototyping and manufacturing through individual consultations and via the nationally-ranked AlphaLab Gear accelerator program.
Through Innovation Works’ (IW) decades of work with startup companies, we have built a large network of experienced entrepreneurs and manufacturing experts. The Scalable Innovation Program leverages this network by connecting hardware entrepreneurs with subject-matter experts, manufacturing professionals, and other resources necessary to take their company to the next stage of scale.
IW continues to nurture and expand this hardware network by working with strategic partners throughout the region to provide entrepreneurial education and support to all entrepreneurs in southwestern PA. We also administer several grant programs designed to incentivize local manufacturers to innovate and support local hardware entrepreneurs.


Our programs help manufacturers make right-fit connections and plan for the future by sharing technology-related capital costs.

Hardware Entrepreneurs

Get support in design for manufacturability, find the right manufacturer, grow your supply chain, and scale production while cutting costs.

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Per Month
3 Social Media Account
Free Platform Access
24/7 Customer Support
Per Month
3 Social Media Account
Free Platform Access
24/7 Customer Support
Per Month
3 Social Media Account
Free Platform Access
24/7 Customer Support